How to post your film

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What's the best way to post film?

The postal services are great at delivering film to us safely and consistently. The biggest risk we come across is actually envelopes breaking. And, in particular, it is the normal single ply paper envelopes that are at risk. These thin envelopes aren't designed for small items and can tear when a bit of pressure is applied, for instance, in the large post bags that carry many letters. So our number one tip is...

Avoid single layer letter envelopes.

Padded envelopes are great—they never tear and pretty much always arrive whole and well. Plastic envelopes are also robust but slightly more susceptible to a hole if they are stretched at some point. But if the film is placed in another plastic bag inside that should stand up to a lot of abuse and be a good call. There are also padded envelopes without plastic that are excellent. Boxes are great too if they are robust and taped well around any gaps.

We recommend...

So, we highly recommend a good padded envelope for your film so that it can withstand the journey with ease and we can look forward to working with the contents!

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