Ordering Guide

How does all this work?

If you're new to film, all the names and processes might be confusing so let us give you a quick guide to the process.

The Essentials

The first thing we do with your film is to develop it. We run it through equipment at exact temperatures and tightly controlled chemicals to get the colours and contrast of the film right.  

If you choose develop-only--which is no scans or prints--we will send back the film negative we have developed for you to scan or print for yourself. If you'd like us to make digital images or physical images from the shots on the film then you need the film scanned.

Scanning (Digital Images)

We call digital images made from the negatives scans. So if you want us to send you digital images of all the photos on the film you can choose scans and the size of scans you'd like. We use industry standard scanners that give exceptional colour and tonality and we send you a link to download your images when they are ready. We have two scan sizes: medium is a good size and suits many applications online and large is the largest output the scanners offer and is good for larger prints and getting a bit more detail.


Finally, if you'd like physical prints of your photos then you can select this option to receive traditional lab prints. They are two standard sizes--6x4 and 5x7--and they offer great colour and sharpness and give something tactile and tangible as part of the process.