Ordering Guide

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So a quick rundown of what goes on and the different names we use at the lab:

When we get your film we have a few processes it must go through. First, it needs developing. We run it through a series of chemicals for exact times and at exact temperatures to get the colours and contrast just right. The film then becomes a useable negative:

C41 Colour film and Black and White

The film can now be worked with to make images.


If you want to scan the film yourself you can choose develop-only in the options and we send back the finished film alone.

Digital Images—we call scans

Or if you want digital images we can use our industry standard scanners to create digital images with exceptional tonality and colour and get them sent out to you via download links.

Physical Prints

Finally, if you want physical prints we can print those at 6x4 or 5x7 inches and we also use the latest lab printers for these that produce wonderful prints.